Prophetic Ministry Mission Statement

The ALCC Prophetic Ministry team exists to serve the church. 

Through the gift of prophecy, we build up, strengthen, encourage, and comfort by delivering the love of the Lord to his people. We operate in prophecy through seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing, dancing, art, dreams, and music. Our prophetic words are led by the Holy Spirit and come from the heart of God, through the lens of Jesus Christ. 

How we serve our church:

  • The prophetic team meets monthly to discern what the Lord is saying at that time.
  • We provide prophetic training through ALCC.
  • We partner with church leadership to judge, weigh and walk out prophetic words. 
  • We have biweekly prophecy sessions where we prophesy over individuals.
  • We prophesy over the church on Sunday mornings.
  • We prophesy over leaders of nations.

If you would like to have a prophetic session with the members of the ministry team, please request so by emailing:

Prophetic Core Values

We at ALCC Believe that Prophecy:

  1. Is always spoken in Love.
  2. Does not condemn or point out sin but instead, encourages, uplifts, edifies, empowers, strengthens, and creates hope in a person.
  3. Confirms and/or agrees with Scripture.
  4. Comes directly from the Father, Jesus, or Holy Spirit.
  5. Eagerly pursue and righteousness to receive a word from the Lord, these include but are not limited to, seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing, and dreams.
  6. Either foretells or forth-tells.
  7. Should be judged by love and weighed carefully through scripture and godly counsel.
  8. Prophecy is not a replacement for hearing God for yourself. All God’s children are created to hear his voice.
  9. Not all are called to the Office of the Prophet, but all are called to eagerly desire to operate in the gift of the prophetic.
  10. We do not prophesy beyond, add to, or take away from what the Lord has revealed. 


The ALCC Prophetic Team ministry is led by Patrick and Andrea Collins. The leadership of the church is incorporated within, by having Elder George Zamloot as a member of the prophetic team.  All members of the ministry are required to pursue righteousness, prophecy in love, continually grow in their prophetic gifting, and have been trained by the leaders of the ministry. 

As prophets and highly prophetic believers, we individually prophesy in part and work together as a prophetic team, allowing the parts to develop into a clear picture. It is our mission and joy to reveal this picture to the body of Jesus Christ. 



The ALCC Prophetic Ministry was founded by former ALCC Pastor, Nataly Galichansky.


Patrick & Andrea Collins