Wednesday, May 15th 6:30pm-8:00pm (During the school year)

A program for young ladies in grades 3-12 (ages 8-18) 

Our Vision:
Train our young ladies to be Strong in Word, Mighty in Spirit, Christlike in Character by living lives of Excellence.

We hope to impart the importance of renewing our minds, understanding the power and relevancy of the word of God, knowing and walking in the gifts of the Spirit, choosing successful habits and disciplines, serving and loving each other in community, growing in the knowledge of the treasure and power of womanhood as God created us, and the importance of standing in this generation as our heroes of the faith have stood before us.

We are valued. We are strong. We are beautiful. We have a voice into this generation. 

*For Girls and Boys Preschool thru 2nd grade we have Awana Cubbies and Sparks.
*For Boys 3rd-12th Grade we have the exciting and popular Royal Rangers Club.