Chris Hussey is the Senior Pastor of Abundant Life Community Church in Port Murray, NJ.  

He has Pastored this church for over 28 years.  In the year 2000 he had an encounter with the Holy Spirit that radically changed his life and ministry.  As a result of that encounter as well as many others, he sees the charismata gifts, including healing and prophesy as a normal occurrence of the Christian life.
 Chris’s desire and passion is to spread the kingdom throughout the world, having visited over ten countries preaching and teaching, healing, and impartation.

He has written two books, “The Bride of Christ, the Bridegroom and his Bride,” as well as “Rediscovering the Supernatural Kingdom of God.”
Chris believes that church is not church unless you encounter the presence of God.  If God does not manifest His presence, it really is nothing more than a social gathering. Chris has a beautiful wife named Jamie as well as four grown children and four grandchildren.